About us

SuperFlex - team of professionals.

Our combined experience in various hosting companies, such as VALUEHOST, UNIT-IS, HOSTING.UA, MCHOST, EUROBYTE and others, give us the maximum understanding of the principles and technical aspects of hosting

Thanks to many years of experience, we are pleased to present our clinets unique services in the hosting market. The goal is not to maximize earnings from each server, but to provide quality services

The decision to make services on the principle of joint purchases is not accidental, but dictated by the market for services. After all, often when sites begin to slow down, many do not think about the reasons, but they are simple - overselling. In the pursuit of profit, many hosting providers neglect moral principles, which leads to unpleasant consequences for customers

The SuperFlex project will allow you to enjoy using hosting services, because there have not been such projects yet

Custom solution needed?

If you require a custom solution or service, you can always contact us and write your requirements, our specialists will propose an individual solution to you.

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