DNS hosting

This service is ideal for those who have many domains, but they are with different registrars and managing them periodically causes inconvenience.

Distributed DNS

DNS (Domain Name System) — computer distributed system for obtaining information about domains. Most often used to obtain an IP address by host name (computer or device)
At the moment, 3 DNS servers are launched in different data centers and countries: France, Netherlands, Germany

Servers are automatically synchronized and integrated into the hosting infrastructure, i.e. after changing or adding an entry in the control panel for 5-10 minutes, the information will be on the servers.

What does this give our customers? First of all, fault tolerance, as in case of failure of 2 DNS servers, sites will be available. Secondly, it is a high speed of updating information about domains and their records. And thirdly, all your domains are in one place

DNS hosting

$5 / per month

  • 500 domains
  • Comfortable control panel
  • Free with VDS service

Custom solution needed?

If you require a custom solution or service, you can always contact us and write your requirements, our specialists will propose an individual solution to you.

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