Terms of Service


1. Host websites:
a. containing child pornography;
a.containing the promotion of violence, fascism, communism, extremism, terrorism, nationalism, chauvinism, racial hatred and / or proclaiming one particular race, nationality or gender as superior to others and / or declaring other races, nationalities, gender lower, as well as sites containing calls for the overthrow of legitimate authority in any state;
b. encouraging, supporting or propagating activities that violate federal, republican or local laws and / or violate Russian or international agreements;
c. falling under the category of “warez” or file archives distributing materials protected by copyright law;
b. propagandizing hacking, bypassing software protection (hacking, cracking) or distributing passwords to adult websites or any other paid resources.
Any site hosted on our servers that matches the description above will either be immediately closed without further notice and the Client will be obliged to pay the Company expenses for cleaning the place and working with copyright holders and / or their representatives, or the provision of services will be temporarily suspended until clarification circumstances and payment by the Client of the amount of the penalty established by the Company.

2. Perform actions including:
a.unauthorized distribution or copying of software (piracy or “warez”) without relevant Agreements authorizing such activities;
b. violation of international, Russian agreements;
c. deception capable of causing moral or physical harm;
d. trade in narcotic and toxic substances without the relevant permits, which the Client agrees to provide upon first request;
e. unauthorized copying and distribution of files protected by international and / or Russian copyright laws, such as music, videos, software, emulators and ROMs protected by copyright;
f.other actions that violate the current legislation of the Russian Federation and international law;
g. using bots or any other programs running on the server remote console without prior agreement.
All other violations not described above are considered separately, until the fact of misconduct is established.

3. Abuse the virtual server provided by the Company by doing the following:
a.hacking - attempts to penetrate the Company's internal networks or networks and computers accessible via the Internet without proper permission;
b.use of fictitious e-mail addresses on servers in the Company’s network or on servers in third-party networks;
c.trolling - sending abusive messages to receive multiple responses;
d. mailbombing - sending messages of the same content in large quantities to the same e-mail address and / or placing a person on the mailing list without notification and consent of the latter, as well as sending messages that are not relevant to the topic in a large number of news groups;
e.SPAM - sending unsolicited messages, regardless of their size and nature, to people who did not give their permission to make such mailings to them, sending unsolicited ads and advertisements that are not relevant to multiple addresses and / or newsgroups, as well as generating more letters than normal use, unnecessarily. Spam mailings are severely punishable - down to denial of service. A message means any email message, ICQ, MSN Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo Messanger, IRC, Jabber and other similar means / protocols for personal exchange of information, as well as messages in guest books, forums, etc.;
f. SCAM - SPAM distribution with information about resources posted on the Client’s equipment through third-party servers (computers).
g.to carry out any kind of checks and scans of ports of computer systems in the networks of the Company or other networks accessible via the Internet without appropriate permission;
h. making any kind of attacks on computer systems in the networks of the Company or other networks accessible via the Internet. Violations of this kind will be stopped by the Company by blocking access to the Client’s equipment from the network without the right to receive compensation from the Client during the absence of his equipment in the network.
i.network flood - the consumption of traffic / network packets from / to the client’s equipment in automatic mode.

4. Perform unauthorized manipulation of business contacts, which includes (but is not limited to) sending disgraceful honor and dignity, scandalous or personal information about a person without his permission, intentional infliction of moral damage, which may result in emotional stress. In addition, a violation of copyright, illegal copying and manipulation of trademarks, and violation of other intellectual property rights are also declared a similar offense

5. Abuse the system equipment of servers on the Company's network, committing violations, including:
a.installation on the server of programs that require increased use of RAM, processor resources or disk space;
b. authorizing the use of mail servers, message forwarding services and answering machines to third parties;
c. unauthorized sale of access to third-party applications installed on servers;
d. excessive consumption of processor time and / or random access memory (CPU / RAM) as determined by the Company.

6. Work with the support service, sales department of the Company is carried out through the request interface in the "My Account" section of the Company’s website, with the exception of emergency situations during which the Company’s website is unavailable. In such cases, communication with divisions of the Company is maintained through e-mail (e-mail) or in groups of social networks. Clients' incoming requests are processed in the general order and the reaction period can be from 20 minutes to 5 hours, depending on the subject of the appeal.

Complaints against violators of these Rules should be sent to the administration via the form on our website . Each complaint will be resolved.

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