Shared SSD Hosting in France

Affordable virtual hosting with full isolation of clients on SSD drives in France in the ONLINE data center. Powerful equipment, daily backup to another data center.


Free hosting

per month

  • 2 Domains / DB
  • 2 GB SSD
  • 25% CPU Core load
  • 512 MB RAM

Order VHFLEX-Free

  • Unlimited traffic
  • CloudLinux / ISPManager
  • FTP access
  • Free SSL (LE)
  • Daily backup


For sites with middle average load

per month

  • Unlimited Domains / DB
  • 10 GB SSD
  • 50% CPU Core load
  • 2048 MB RAM


  • Unlimited traffic
  • CloudLinux / ISPManager
  • FTP / SSH access
  • Free SSL (LE)
  • Daily backup


For hi-loaded projects

per month

  • Unlimited Domains / DB
  • 50 GB SSD
  • 150% CPU Core load
  • 4096 MB RAM


  • Unlimited traffic
  • CloudLinux / ISPManager
  • FTP / SSH access
  • Free SSL (LE)
  • Daily backup

Thanks to flexible PHP configuration management tools and a web server, all popular CMS are running on our servers. Ability to select PHP version 5.2 - 7.3 for each site, enable / disable PHP modules

High speed

We use modern Intel Xeon E3 / E5 series processors and SSD drives to make your sites fly


Data safety is our concern. We store backups on separate servers in another data center.


Modern data center, reliable communication channels and basic DDoS protection

Quick activation

The order is activated automatically, immediately after confirmation of payment in any way convenient for you.


Qualified staff is always ready to help. Free site transfer and account setup to your requirements.

CloudLinux / ISPmanager

You can be calm about your data - all user accounts are isolated from each other, and thanks to the ISPmanager panel, management will be simple and affordable.

What does a quality hosting look like?

Good hosting should work smoothly. Ideally, users working with their sites should not notice its work at all. The presence of hosting is noticed only when there are difficulties on the server, sites begin to lag, load slowly or generally stop working for a while. This should not be, people pay money for this. Using our hosting, you can enjoy the quality work of your sites, while actually paying a little money for hosting services.

SuperFlex offers its potential customers a wide selection, in particular, many already familiar virtual hosting, which works with most sites and quite well-known VPS hosting today. You should understand that SuperFlex hosting provider works for you, and does not exist only for profit. It is in our interests to provide quality services, which, in turn, will entail a stable income.

The choice of hosting is a problem for beginners, who often pay attention to cheap hosting and burn themselves for the provision of low-quality services. We work for you and during the existence we have achieved certain results. You can trust us!

Custom solution needed?

If you require a custom solution or service, you can always contact us and write your requirements, our specialists will propose an individual solution to you.

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